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  • Amazing product! I don’t think I’m ever going to Safelite Autoglass again for chip repair!
    The product does need about 10minutes in FULL SUN to cure (i.e., harden) the product and form the permanent bond to the glass.I fixed 2 star chips, and further patched another 3 “pock marks” in the windshieldHints:
    * Warm the glass by turning on you defogger on heat
    * use the razor, or tip of a small file to pick out the compacted glass at the center of the impact
    * Product needs time to diffuse into the crack under pressure
    * make sure there are no air bubbles when you apply the curing strip
    * Give a full 10min (or more) before you try to scrape the product off
    * when scraping, use a “squeegee” motion with the razor at 90-degrees to the windshield. It should take multiple passes to scrape the product down to a finished level (multiple, like several dozen passes scraping)


  • A fix it glass place said they couldn’t fix my cracked windshield but this product worked perfectly!
  • Got hit by a bouncy ball sized rock, which left cracks on my car. This kit fixed it well enough that it doesn’t draw my attention. The repair has lasted and looks just great.

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